Monday, September 8, 2014

No lo esperé‏


Well, the week went pretty well and we had some way cool divisions with the elders from Hernandarias. I was with Elder Taylor first who is really quiet but plays the piano like a boss and we worked really hard and at the end of the day he said that what he learned is that he can do more than he thought. It made me feel really good that I helped him to gain more confidence and see his potential. He is now señor companion in his area.

I also had divisions with Elder Mendoza who is our district leader. He used to be my zone leader and is way awesome. We were working and it was all pretty normal but then we went to visit Ana Toledo and she started talking about how she wanted to change because she feels like she has a hard heart and wants to change some things in her life. A few weeks ago she was telling us about how she has epilepsy and was really down about it and I gave her una receta (what the doctors give to people) of reading the scriptures and saying prayers and she started to do it and you can really feel the difference in her house and in her life. But as she was talking about this I shared a scripture in Mosiah about repentance and we taught her very simply about how to repent. It was just the true doctrine for her circumstance. We told her she had already recognized her sins and we challenged her to take a moment that night and think of the pain her sins have caused in her life and for others and for Christ and then pray asking for forgiveness and making plans to not do it again. The Spirit was so strong even though we were just teaching a simple concept. I talked with Elder Mendoza after and he said when we were teaching her he felt the desire to change and realized things he needed to change. I also felt the same way. But as I reflected on this I realized that after a year in my mission I am finally beginning to grasp the basic principles of the gospel. I think the majority of the problems in Paraguay (and there are a lot of problems) is that the members of the church don´t know how to truly repent. Someone drops the cane on them and they change for two days and then go back to how they were before, but Elder Bednar is a lot smarter than us and taught the people about repentance in the multi-stake conference. Teaching the true doctrine is what really changes people. It was awesome to see the Spirit guiding my words in the lesson and to see that I learned more than she did. That is when we know we are teaching by the Spirit.

Then on Saturday night I got a call at like 10 o clock and they said that I needed to take all of my things with me to Encarnación with my companion and that I would also be leaving, but they didn´t tell me anything else. So I packed my bags and we went to church on Sunday and told the bishop and ward mission leader. I bore my testimony and told them if they are going to remember anything about me I hope they remember that I loved the people and had a strong testimony of this work. It was sad to say goodbye. That place became like my home. I was there for almost 6 months. But we took a bus to Encarnación and I was thinking the whole time of where I would go, and then they called me and I will be serving in Ita Paso as the zone leader of Encarnación with Elder Ollerton. I haven´t gone to my area yet, but they say it is a tiny little town. I am way excited for a change and the zone needs a lot of help so I am excited to get to work. I didn´t see this coming but I am way excited! I will send pictures of the members in my last area and some of my new area next week.

I love you all and am so grateful for your support and prayers!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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