Monday, November 3, 2014


Well this was a pretty crazy and a little bit rough week. We went on divisions to Ayolas this week which is a little fishing town. I went out with Elder Ah Quin who is a new missionary from St. George, Utah. He knows the Laubs and went to Washington elementary at the same time as me. So that was pretty crazy. But before the divisions started we headed out on a bus and it went way slow and we got off in this tiny town that was like one square block and the other bus took forever to get there and then almost at the end it broke down.. so we got there a little late, but it was still cool to be with a new missionary and remember what that was like. He kept saying how 14 months is such a long time and it made me realize how long I have been out here. Everything went well and then the next morning we woke up early to take the bus that was supposed to pass at 5:30. But it never passed. I sent a picture of us sitting on chairs in the giant rain waiting for the bus to come. haha Next time we are just going to ride donkeys there. more reliable than Paraguayan travel. haha

Then we got home and the rain started way strong and we were in the church doing our planning and it was the hardest rain storm I have seen in my whole mission. I started taking a video and then there was this huge bang and in the video you can see the shingles of the roof fly to the ground. The church got struck by lightning -exclamation point doesn´t work-. It was the craziest thing ever. And then the whole church started leaking water cause there were no shingles to stop it. We put up some buckets and stuff, but it was impossible to stop it all. So after the storm ended we just pushed all the water out. Then we went to help some members whose house got pretty messed up and on the way we saw a bunch of trees knocked over and power lines destroyed. It was pretty crazy. The wind was so strong. One sister was in her house and this giant tree right next to her house started moving like crazy and she prayed and the tree fell the other way. We saw the tree and it was like on the side of this mini cliff and I can´t believe it didn´t fall on her house because it logically should of. That was a pretty cool miracle this week. We didn´t do near as much proselyting but a lot of the time when i am serving I feel even more like a missionary.

We are also way excited cause our group leader here is going to be sealed to his family this Friday. They are way excited and we are so happy for them. I think it is going to get everyone here way excited. We have a lot of plans to help the group here progress. I have never had so much stuff to do with an area and a group and a zone that is giant, but it is a fun challenge. I am excited to see the work here progress.

Con amor, Elder Hawk

Our Branch
Farewell to Elder Ollerton
Splits with the tall missionaries
The Infamous Rubik's Cube 
Is that the way to spell "John"? haha
 Waiting for the Bus
 The hole in the roof of the church

Candlelight in our Apartment
Another Beautiful Sunset

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