Monday, November 4, 2013

Primero Bautismo‏


It has been a pretty sweet week here in the area Ruta 2. On Tuesday President LaPierre came to our zone for interviews and it was awesome. I have heard that most mission presidents just do super fast interviews (sometimes only like 10 minutes) but President LaPierre takes more time which I think is way cool. I talked to him for like 50 minutes and I learned so much. And it was really good cause I needed a good pep talk. We talked about a lot of things and he told me to not worry about being perfect, but just try to improve a few things at a time. And I talked to him about how the way me and Elder Peña do things is kind of different, not that one way is better than the other, but I just have some different ideas of what we need to be doing. He told me to change some of the things if I could but that I needed to let some things go but to remember them because my time is coming. Hopefully it isn´t coming too soon. haha. But I have really started to realize that I can receive revelation for the work in my area. I have been called to this area for a reason and I am able to receive guidance for myself and investigators and the area if I am worthy and I ask for it. So I have really been trying to seek revelation on what we need to do and it has been really good.

So the most exciting part of the week was Lucas´s baptism and confirmation! On Saturday Elder Peña and I were preparing the church building for the baptism and the font was like a foot deep or so when the water in the building ran out. So we got a bucket and put it outside under the place where all the water was going (can´t think of the word) because it was raining really hard and we filled it another few inches with rain water. haha It was pretty sweet. Luckily we had enough to do the baptism but only just barely enough. Elder Peña baptized Lucas and I confirmed him on Sunday so he is officially a member! Pretty awesome! He is a great kid and he is already being a missionary to his friends. I can tell his parents are nervous about him just leaving the church after baptism (they aren´t members) but we told them that we are here to continue helping him. And I was thinking about it and I don´t just want to be the kind of missionary who only is trying to baptize people. I want to help others truly become converted to the Gospel and develop habits and a testimony that will help them be lifetime, active, involved members of the church. Because a really solid, committed member down here is like pure gold! It seriously makes such a huge difference to have people who are strong in the gospel and ready and willing to serve.

Now with the not good news. Because it was so rainy on Saturday it was super muddy. We had thought that we could get around 10 people to church (best case scenario) and we even went on splits with two priests to try and get everyone to come. I went to the house of Gladis who had a dream where a man came to her and said the Book of Mormon was scripture and then had another dream where she was in a white baptism dress. I know she received a strong answer that the Book of Mormon was true but she wouldn´t come to church. And another women also wouldn´t come after she had promised and planned. They had excuses about the mud and the distance and the rain and their dirty clothes etc. And I am not saying all this to bash those people and in reality it probably would have been difficult to attend, what I am saying is that it made me pretty sad. And I know it is probably pretty normal for something like this to happen but I really do love these people so much and I want so badly for them to truly change their lives and find true and lasting happiness, but at the end of the day they have the ability to choose. But it made me think a lot about how living the gospel is not easy. In reality we have to sacrifice a lot. But the truth is that the blessings and happiness that come from living the gospel are infinitely greater than any sacrifice. I have seen that in my life so many times! No matter the sacrifice, the Lord pays us back 100 fold or more. But the only thing I can do for others is to teach, testify, and invite. And hope and pray that they make the correct decision. But that has just been on my mind a lot lately.

Also, we went on splits again Sunday in the afternoon and I was a little nervous to be without Elder Peña, but I was helped by the Spirit and me and Hermano Jimenez taught the Restoration to a family and it was really good. I couldn´t understand everything or say everything, but I was able to understand enough and say enough to bring the Spirit. It is actually pretty cool not being able to speak fluently because I have to totally rely on the Spirit and be really simple and I think it brings a special Spirit to lessons. And it truly is a miracle how much I have been able to learn in less than a month in the field. I am blessed every day.

Well, I love you all and miss you. I am doing well-I´m healthy and working hard every day. Thanks for all your support and prayers and love.

"Y sè que el Señor Dios consagrará mis oraciones para el beneficio del mi pueblo. Y las palabras que he (hablado) en debilidad serán hechas fuertes para ellos"
-2 Nefi 33:4

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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