Tuesday, March 4, 2014

6 Meses!‏

Well it has been a good, but crazy week. I received my newest companion Elder Meniz from Peru on Tuesday. It was going to be this whole process of going to the office to pick him up and waste a whole day, but I planned it perfectly so we were still able to work most of the day. haha But he is returning to the field after an operation and is way excited to be back out and start working again. He really has a lot of love for the work and the people and I am excited to keep working with him.

The familia Ventura is still progressing like crazy! They have started a little journal book thing to record their thoughts and questions about the Book of Mormon and are putting it into application. it really is so amazing! They came to church Sunday and they were making good comments and participating and listening and it was so awesome! They are going to be such awesome members and leaders in the church. We as missionaries hardly have to do anything because they are doing it all on their own. They told us the other day that they have had such a peace in their home and they can feel the changes and are excited to keep changing for the better. It is an amazing blessing to get to be a part of their experience.

Antonio however stopped progressing. He only wants to fight with us on certain points in the Bible like if we can play sports or what day is the sabbath day, etc. He denied his testimony of the Book of Mormon and just refuses to listen to anything we have to say. It is way sad that he is focusing too much on his knowledge and not on the Spirit. We tried to explain this to him but he wouldn´t listen. I just hope that he will humble himself enough to listen one day, but for now we aren´t going to visit him any more.

As for me, I have just been really focusing on being more obedient and raising the bar. I read "Our Heritage" which is a brief history of the church and I realized that growth, in the church and personally, come through sacrifice. The history of the church is a history of people who were willing to sacrifice everything because they knew it was all true and that it was all worth it and they had the faith to keep going. So I am trying harder to sacrifice and improve.

I am so happy to be a missionary and can´t believe it has already been 6 months! (attached is my tie burning photo). It really is going by way too fast. I could do this my whole life because it makes me so happy and I can see the blessings in my own life and especially in the lives of others. The Lord is shaping me into a better tool in his hands and I just need to be humble enough to accept the trials and experiences that he sends me and learn from them. I know if I do that then I will be able to bless so many lives and that I will have true happiness, which only comes from serving others.

I love you all and am so grateful for the opportunity you have given me to serve for these 2 years!

Alma 17:2-3

Con amor, Elder Hawk

 This 6 months tie burning is serious business

 Lovin' the mission life

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