Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Familia de oro‏

As you can tell by the subject of this email, it was a pretty amazing week, though it ended a bit strangely. Elder Olsen is the new secretary of materials and so he is in Posadas. Right now I am with Elder Ortiz from El Salvador but he will be leaving to Paraguay in a day or two. So I will receive a different companion soon. Pretty crazy. But Elder Olsen is going to be so good at that job! I just need to work a bit harder now to learn the area better, but I actually already know it pretty well which is a blessing.

This was a week full of divisions! I went to Montecarlo on Tuesday after the district meeting. (By the way I am the district Leader. Didn´t think it was super important but apparently for all of you it is. haha) The district meeting went pretty well. I talked about how the biggest obstacle to people going to church is actually the missionaries because we don´t help them see the importance in the right way and don´t verify with it enough and other things. It went well. Then I went to Montecarlo for divisions and a baptismal interview, but the investigator was not at her house. However, we decided to go visit some less active members. While we were waiting on the porch I saw a teenager inside and asked Elder Cross who he was. He said it was the son of the less active woman, but that he hadn´t talked to him before. So I started talking to him and he came outside and we talked to him about coming back to church and serving a mission and it was a way powerful experience. Miracles happen on divisions!

Meanwhile, Elder Olsen and Elder Smith were busy finding one of the most prepared families ever. Elder Olsen only has 2 transfers and Elder Smith has like 1 week in the mission so I thought it would be good to put them together for the day to help Elder Olsen learn more about leading a companionship. We had been praying like crazy to find a family and Wednesday morning they were walking to an appointment and they both felt like they needed to stop and talk to this couple who was sitting in front of the house, but they just kept going to the appointment. The appointment canceled and so they both talked and said they had both felt they needed to talk to the family. So they did. Flash forward to Sunday in the afternoon. I am confused about why they didn´t come to church because I heard of how awesome they were. We stop by (I have not actually even met them yet) and the first thing they do is apologize for not coming. They woke up an hour and a half early to come but were reading through the pamphlet and it talked about clothing and he didn´t have a shirt and tie so they didn´t come.... However, they have read the two pamphlets that the other missionaries gave them entirely and started answering the questions in the back (which no one EVER does). Also, they have read a good 10 chapters in the Book of Mormon and she has been marking the things she likes. There is a scripture about prayer that she showed us and she told us that after reading it they started to pray a lot more before everything that they did. Elder Ortiz and I just sat there with huge smiles and answered their questions. It was an amazing experience! I know that if we have faith and work our hardest, then the Lord will put prepared people in our path! I am so excited to continue working with them!

So basically it was a week of miracles. I am so grateful that I get to be here on a mission. I love it so much and know that the Lord is always putting me right where I need to be. I love you all so much and am so grateful for your support, prayers, and examples. Keep up the good work!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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