Monday, April 21, 2014

Ejemplos capos‏


Well it has been another great week here in Argentina! This week I want to talk about some of the amazing people I have had the chance to meet here in Paraguay.

First, my companion. He is a beast! He is always thinking of something new and crazy to do and isn´t afraid to do anything. We had to travel to Corrientes this week and on the way back we preached in the bus terminal in front of everyone and handed out article of faith cards. I was the one who started talking and got the attention of everyone and it was pretty intense, but amazing! And everyone actually started reading the cards and a few people came up and asked us questions after. It was pretty crazy. He also never rests. When we were in Corrientes doing papers we were waiting outside the place and he said we should go search for people and so we did and the other missionaries followed and we had like 5 lessons in this public park by the river and they were all way awesome! We taught this group of like 8 teenagers and I thought they wouldn´t even listen, but we got them all to sit quietly and listen and it was way awesome! We could have just sat around and talked, but instead we went out and did what we were called to do--bless lives.

Presidente Gonzalez, our Branch President is purete. (It means cool in Guarani) He is incredibly humble and sincerely loves everyone in the branch. He is always asking what more he can do to help us even though he already does so much. He searches for less active members in his big van every Sunday and visits them during the week. Even though he has a young family and works a lot, he is always magnifying his calling as a branch president and because of his work the branch is getting a lot stronger.

Also, we have been working with Renson who is a less active 16 year old. When we first started talking with him he was way shy and quiet and hardly smiled. But last week he received the priesthood and passed the sacrament and he has gone on divisions with us like crazy. When we first asked him he got a huge smile and ran to get his clothes. Now he is way happy and smiling and joking. He said that going on divisions with us has helped him to be less shy and talk with people, especially with girls. haha He has a very powerful and simple testimony and teaches with the Spirit. He will be a great missionary.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many great people who are amazing examples for me! And I am grateful for all of your amazing examples as well! I love you all!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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