Thursday, April 10, 2014

La profeta brasilera‏


Well it has been yet another crazy but very good week here in Paraguay. I am still getting used to everything cause it is way different, but I love it here.

First of all, I would also like to give a shout out to Tanner and Jamie for being mentioned in General Conference. You two have officially jumped to boss status so congratulations in that as well. haha

We are working hard, but having a blast. Even though we lost a lot of proselyting time this week to Zone meeting and conference and problems in the zone, we got a lot of work done. Before and in between sessions of conference we were running all over the place to try and round up our investigators to come to conference. It turned into a speed walking/running competition in which we both lost. haha Elder Silva is a great companion and I am learning a lot from him. His motto is to do things that others only think of doing. So naturally, we have been clapping a lot of nice big houses and the other day we stood in front of everyone while on the bus and talked about a living prophet and handed out invitations to conference. It was actually kind of cool and a bit of a rush. We are definitely keeping things exciting. With all the hard work I created a game to keep things light in which we choose a superhero or character from a movie, etc. and talk about their needs and what doctrine we would teach them. We are always laughing and joking with each other so time is going by way fast.

The working is going well here as well. We brought an investigator to conference named Andrea and she is from Brazil and lives with her two kids and Korean husband. (The children can speak Spanish, Portuguese, Guarani and a little Korean). She absolutely loved the conference and started crying during one of the talks. She is very evangelical and so afterwards when we were all going back to our area she started talking about the conference and preaching it and one of the members who is like 60 started to get in on it as well and they were both praising God the whole ride. haha It was pretty funny, especially cause Andrea starts to speak in Portuguese when she gets excited.

We also finally taught the girlfriend of a less active member named Lucia. She is always busy and never has time to talk with us, but we finally got a chance and she totally accepted the story of Joseph Smith on the spot and accepted baptism and came to conference. It was way cool to see such great faith like that!

Conference was way good! I listened to all but the last session in Spanish and understood basically everything! I was pretty excited and very grateful that the Lord has blessed me so much to learn Spanish so fast. It hit me while I was listening that 6 months ago I was in the MTC and couldn´t hardly speak any Spanish. Now I am in Paraguay and understood almost all of it. I know that the gift of tongues is real and am so grateful for all the help that our Father in Heaven has given to me. However, the last session in English made me realize how nice it is to hear the people´s real voices and listen in your own language. The Spirit is stronger in that situation. I also recognized during conference that it seemed like almost every apostle bore his special witness of Christ. President Packer´s testimony especially hit me with the Spirit! What a blessing it is to have such powerful and personal witnesses of the Savior. And in conference we were promised by Elder Ballard that we all can have those spiritual witnesses.

I love you all so much and am so grateful for you! I´m working hard and having the time of my life!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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