Monday, July 14, 2014

El Espíritu es la medida más importante


This has probably been one of the most spiritual weeks of my mission because I learned that the Spirit is the most important.

We had interviews with President LaPierre on Tuesday. He talked to me and Elder Acevedo for about an hour and then talked to each of us apart for another hour. He is an amazing and humble man and I am so grateful that he takes the time for each and every one of us. We are like his kids. He told me that he knew he would love us but he was not expecting it to be so powerful. In the interview we were talking about real success and how I can improve and then at one moment he took a pause and then asked "Have you ever loved someone you were teaching?" I responded yes and then he paused again and said "How do you feel right now?" and as the Spirit filled the room even stronger I responded that "I feel like that is what really matters." Then he said that the Spirit was teaching that to both of us in that moment. It was very powerful and is what has given me strength this week. Throughout the interview we just talked and shared our feelings and it felt like I was just talking to a friend or father.

Then on Wednesday we did divisions. I was with my trainer Elder Peña and it was a bit strange to switch our former roles. We felt the Spirit super strong in a lot of the lessons and there was one in particular where I asked a young couple what they desired for their child and then they listed all of the things and then the question came to mind: "Do you think these things will be possible without God in your lives?" and they both just started thinking and we talked with them about what they could do to assure the success of their daughter and it was way powerful. At the end we had a kneeling prayer and we told them to think about what we had shared that night. As I reflected on that lesson I was thinking of the eternal consequences of this work. That one lesson could be the turning point for this family which could mean that generations and generations will have the gospel in their lives. I realized again how important this work is not only for those we teach but for people who have not even been born yet.

As we were reflecting on this and other experiences of the day Elder Peña told me that he felt more of the Spirit in this one day than in the entire change that we had together before. I told him that the difference was not that we were more experienced and that I knew the language, but that we were obedient and followed the Spirit. I think it really helped him to reflect on the importance of obedience and work harder to be worthy of a greater portion of the Spirit. All I did was invite the Spirit and then the Spirit did all the rest of the work.

This week we didn´t have the best numbers or anything like that, but what we did have was the Spirit and a love for those that we taught. I have truly felt a strong desire for the eternal welfare of the people I am teaching. Sometimes they don´t listen and it saddens me, but all I can do is help them feel the Spirit and hope they make the right decision. The Spirit is the only important measurement.

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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