Monday, April 20, 2015

Obrando con Dios‏


This week Siomara was baptized. Her family was recently reactivated and I have never seen someone so excited to be baptized! haha There was a mission setting apart first and she could hardly wait and went straight into the room with the baptismal font and we had to tell her that first there was a meeting part in the sacrament room. She almost jumped into the water. haha The only problem was that we thought another girl was gonna get baptized the same time Sunday evening, but in the end she couldn't. Which was fine.. except that her family was going to bring the cake.. And it was Sunday so we couldn`t run and buy something. As we waited to start the baptism I felt so bad cause they had brought soda but nothing else. So I sat thinking of what to do and an idea occurred to me. Right after she was baptized me and Dario ran like a mile to the house of these members who have a little store in their house while Elder Christensen stalled. We ran all the way there and grabbed a few bags of cookies and ran all the way back. I was sweating and I went into the overflow and opened up the back curtain and signaled to Elder Christensen that he could finish his talk on the Holy Ghost which he had kept going for like 15 minutes! haha But everyone was happy afterwards and enjoyed the cookies and the family didn`t feel bad that there wasn`t anything else. It was so funny. We weren`t very wise but it made for an unforgettable experience.

We also had interviews with President LaPierre this week and it was really good. We are going to try out a kind of test with our area to try to get the members more involved in missionary work and to help them to work better. I am pretty excited about the idea and we are working out the details and thinking about how we can get it to work. But there is a lot of hope and I think it could be way awesome! In my personal interview he told me that the greatest and most thrilling experience of life is working together with God as we improve ourselves and help Him to bless the lives of His children. Today in our zone meeting I felt the same thing. We were talking about the role of the Spirit and I recognized that for me my favorite thing to feel is when someone needs help and the words come from the Spirit. Nothing competes with the thrill and joy of being an instrument and feeling Him work through me.

I am doing great! I am happy, healthy and excited. Thank you all for your support! I love you! And congrats to Parker on getting his papers in! I am way excited and proud of him!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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