Monday, September 9, 2013

Español es la idioma de los cielos‏


Hope everyone is doing well! Thank you all for your letters and emails! I love reading them and responding to them.

Anyways, let me explain the title of this email (Spanish is the language of the heavens). My teacher, Hermano Magallanes told us that he knows that they speak Spanish in heaven. I was skeptical but he actually shared some really cool things. For instance miseria=misery and cordero=lamb but if you combine the two you get miseriacordia which means mercy. So "the misery of the lamb" equals "mercy" for us. I thought that was way cool and just thought I would let you all know that Spanish is awesome. I am speaking it pretty well and I can understand it way better than I could when I got here. We got a new room and switched around teachers about a week ago and Hermano Bush spoke only in Spanish and it frustrated me a lot cause I couldn't understand. But I had a good talk with him and shared my frustrations and he helped me through it and now I am doing way better and it is awesome! I have been here less than two weeks and I can already say and understand so much! The gift of tongues is definitely real and it is amazing! I have been working hard and learning a lot and it has been an amazing experience. Every day at the MTC has been better and better.

Last week I was praying to be more charitable and to love others more and then my prayer was answered... and Elder Litchfield and I were called to be zone leaders (we don't start until Sunday though). haha. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others and learn to love more like our Savior. I also know that it is going to stretch my talents and abilities and I will learn so much. I am glad it came this week and not the first week because I feel a lot more prepared to take this on at this time, so that is a tender mercy. Speaking of tender mercies, they finally fixed our AC so that is another tender mercy. Also, I have been having allergies and cold symptoms but I am feeling way better now! So I am glad I don't have to worry about that as much now!

We now have 3 "investigators" and it is a lot harder than just one but I like it more because we get to prepare for different lessons. I have also realized how important it is to get to know the investigator and figure out what they need. And I know that I cannot do that with my own talents (even if I was Sherlock Holmes) but that if I work at it than I can have the gift of discernment which is a pretty sweet gift because it is a great way to help figure out what others need and to know how to help them with those needs. I am learning so much at the MTC! It is like every single time I study or listen to a devotional or do anything I get so much truth and inspiration and happiness and light and direction! It is truly amazing and I know it is because the MTC has an amazing Spirit and that the Lord blesses his missionaries so that they can bless others. Never in my life have I felt such a constant flow of happiness, direction from the Holy Ghost, and so much love for the Lord and for others. It is remarkable!

Well, sorry that email was a bit random, but I want you all to know that I love you and I can feel your prayers strengthening me and helping me. Keep being the wonderful people that you are!

Les Amo, Elder Hawk

P.S. You should all WATCH Elder Hollands talk "Safety for the Soul" he gave a few years back. So powerful.

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