Monday, May 12, 2014

Dessarollando la fe y la humildad‏


Well it has been a pretty crazy week, with a lot of work and a lot of unforgettable experiences. Maybe the coolest experience has been seeing the changes in Sergio. Sergio is called the pony guy or Papa Noel (Santa Claus) because he has a pony and to make money he offers pony rides and takes pictures of people with his pony. He lives in a tiny pink shack with his two kids and is completely (and sometimes brutally) honest about himself and others and says exactly what he thinks. So a bit over a week ago, when we taught him about keeping the Sabbath day holy he told us that he simply couldn´t do it on Sunday cause that is his day that he makes the most money. He also said that it never says anywhere in the Bile that it has to be Sunday and that he can worship God on any day. So after that we basically decided we weren´t going to visit him any more. He didn´t come to church, but on Tuesday he came up to us and said "Dios me castigó" or "God chastised me" and I asked why, and he said he worked the whole day Sunday and didn´t even make one Guaraní (the money of Paraguay). He was just so much more humble and apologized to us and said that he definitely is going to church Sunday. And he came and he and his kids absolutely loved it and the branch received them like family! Then on Sunday night we went and visited him and he just released his life story to us. He talked of losing his parents and quitting school to work, but gaining a degree later and having a huge nice house with a car, but losing it all to a cocaine addiction that he still can´t beat. But he told us of the hope and faith that he has that with our help he can beat it and change his life. We made plans with him and he cried as he offered a very sincere and humble prayer to our Father in Heaven. The Atonement is already changing his life and I am excited to see the huge change that I know will continue to him.

We also had Riki come with us to the lessons yesterday. He is a member, but has some mental problems. I think he is autistic but he functions very well and has a job and loves to go with the missionaries and give his testimony. As he was sharing his experience with others and praying for them (after his prayer for Sergio, Sergio began to cry and say that those words came from somewhere else) I realized that I was with one of the most pure and innocent people that I have very met. He has no guile, no hate and is out visiting people because he loves everyone and wants to help them. When we were going our separate ways at the end of the day the phrase came into my mind "for such is the kingdom of God" and I thought that I really need to try to be more like Riki.

It was so good to talk to you guys yesterday! It was short, but so good to see you all happy and healthy and doing good things. I am probably the luckiest guy on earth to have all of you supporting me and to have this amazing opportunity to be a missionary. Les amo muchísimo!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

Fotos; This was the sunset the other day and Elder Silva took a picture of me sleeping a while back. haha

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