Monday, May 19, 2014


It is crazy how much I am changing. Mom and Dad talked about how a year ago was seminary graduation and it seems like it was forever ago, but also like it wasn´t that long ago. I have learned so much and the Lord is always teaching me something. This week it was patience. It seems like a recurring lesson in my mission. This week we worked so hard. We had divisions with the members and were calling everyone to come with us to lessons and we met all of our goals and we were more than sure that two whole families would be coming to church plus a few more. We woke up early to go out and bring people to church and.. no one came. I was pretty frustrated. I didn´t understand what we were doing wrong and I just felt like right now I am doing things the right way and working with the members and that it just didn´t make sense that we weren´t having the type of success that I expected and wanted. Then the Spirit whispered to me to quit complaining and that people have their agency. Once I listened to this and started to improve my attitude I began to see the success that we truly had.

On Saturday we passed by a less active member who always receives us kind of coldly and as I was sitting there I asked Riki to bear his testimony of the blessings he has received from coming to church and living the gospel and then I looked at this woman who appeared that she didn´t even want us there and I was filled with a love that I really can´t explain. As I bore my testimony to her and explained to her why we had come and that we just want her to have happiness, she began to change. She told me not to worry about her and then began to explain the real problems that she was facing with her family and how she feels like things are bad no matter how she lives her life. Then I was able to truly help her. She came to church on Sunday with three of her kids and her grand kids. One of her sons came for the fist time in years.

I walked into the gospel principles class and I saw Gustavo QuiƱones who was at church for the first time in 7 years. I felt an immense joy to see him back where he belonged. I also had a good laugh when he left on his motorcycle that is super loud and everyone stared as he drove away, but he didn´t even realize that everyone was watching him.

There were miracles everywhere, but I just needed to humble myself to see them. The Lord always blesses us when we do what he asks.

I love you all so much!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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