Monday, May 5, 2014

Mi Presidente es increible‏


Well it has been another crazy but awesome week here in Paraguay Ciudad del Este! Elder Acevedo has loved being out of the office into the real world of missionary work. He was a secretary for like 6 months and only has 8 months in the mission so he feels like he is finally starting his mission. He is from Colombia.

This week we had interviews with President LaPierre and he is the man! Elder Acevedo and I talked to him together for like an hour about the zone and then we talked one on one for about another hour. I asked him "Who am I to you'" and "What can I become?" and he knows me pretty well. He really cares about every one of his missionaries and takes the time to show it. He told me that I really won´t become who I am meant to be until I have my wife and kids and that they will be who really shape me into the man I need to be. He got teary eyed when he started talking about the impact that his wife has had on his life and I need to choose wisely because my wife will be the one to put up with my weaknesses and support me when I am down. At the end I thanked him for all he does and let him know that even though he has to deal with a lot of garbage that he should know that he is changing lives and has changed mine for the better. He was very appreciative. I love President LaPierre.

Also, this week I learned of the power of working with members. We brought a member to a lesson on Tuesday and he taught a lot in Guarani and on Sunday the wife of the family who was baptized when she was sixteen came to church! I was happy, but didn´t think to much about the member until he came to me after church and told me very emotionally that his prayers had been answered by her coming to church. It made me see even more the great blessings of working with the members. We also had Rogelio and his family come to church. He got out of jail a bit over a year ago and has been changing his life ever since. He was making really good comments in Gospel Principles and said that he was going to keep following with the church and become a member if he continues to feel this way. It was way awesome! And his 12 year old son also loved coming and some of the older young men were sitting with him and talking with him and he loved it. The whole branch was way excited about it and so are we!

We have also been seeing miracles with less active members. this week. We talked to Gustavo who is the brother of Renson, who gets into a lot of trouble, and has horrible friends, and he told us that he wants to change his life and come back to church. We asked him to pray at the end of our discussion but he said when he tries to pray he feels a bad presence and other things and that he hasn´t really prayed in years. We gave him a priesthood blessing and then listened to him pray for the first time in years. It was pretty incredible to see. That family is really starting to be blessed!

Life is great! I am happy and healthy and everything is going well. I am excited to talk to you all on Sunday! I love you!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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