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Sorry for not writing on Monday. I had to got to Corrientes to do some visa papers  yesterday. We slept in the super chuchi (nice and rich) mission house and it was glorious. I also had the chance to talk with President and he helped me out with some things. It has been a week of getting my head on straight.

On Monday we traveled to Pilar and I was frustrated with our travels cause we had to take two different buses and the first one dropped us off late and we had to walk backwards and then wait for another bus two hours later. We got to Pilar at midnight in a bus that had no seats left. haha But then in the morning Elder Bogardus made me these amazing pancakes with coconut syrup and it was glorious. haha So good.

Then before our zone meeting in Pilar i went with two new missionaries to get things ready for the church and they were asking me questions and making me feel old haha. But I took the opportunity to sit down and talk with them both and share some of the things that I thought would help them. It was way awesome to just take some time to help missionaries in a more personal way. They were both really happy and excited afterward and are great missionaries. After we had our zone meeting and it went really well. To explain the relationship between the numbers and just working by the spirit we brought a brick and a pen and a screwdriver and a hammer. We explained that when we rely on our own power even if we work hard we can´t achieve what we need to have success. So we got the strongest missionary who tried to break the brick with his pen. He couldn´t do it. (obviously.) Then at the end it was easy to break it with them hammer and we explained that that is what it is like when we have the Spirit with us and use our strength the do what the Lord wants us to do. But its also true in our lives. Sometimes we have problems and we try to solve them in other ways, but the only real way is through the spirit. It was cool and fun to break a brick. haha And I think everyone understood the point.

Then we had divisions with Pilar and the next day went to San Ignacio for divisions again. I went with an Elder that was in my zone before and it was cool to see how he has matured and is really trying to be better. he also told me that I had changed for the better. He said that before he called me Robo-hawk. ahaha I thought that was pretty funny and I have definitely learned to relax a bit more. Then we got a call from the Elders in San Pedro who were having problems so early the next morning we headed over there and I came back to Ita Paso with one elder and we had a long talk that helped me just as much as it helped him. He felt like his efforts weren´t having results and so we talked about Abinadi. No one listened to him except for 1 person. A less active member. But he taught with power and did what God wanted him to do and from that one person he helped, thousands were saved.

Finally we entered Friday dead tired from so much traveling and were able to work. Then the assistants came on Saturday for divisions and i went with Elder Silva. It was good to see him again and we talked about a lot of things and he helped me out a lot to get more excited again. We had an awesome day. Probably the coolest thing that got me the most excited is when we found an inactive member. She is amazing and hasn´t ever stopped reading her scriptures. She just hasn´t been able to go to church because it is so far away. But i was amazed by her great faith and we are going to keep helping her and her niece who cried in her prayer when she asked that her parents would stop drinking. That girl needs this gospel and her aunt is so supportive. It was a humbling experience.

Then with Elder Blanco we realized that we need to just seek God´s will and do it. It sounds obvious, but we talked about it a lot.

Then I went to do tramites and we were in the mission home and I talked with President and he helped me a lot to. Then i talked more with elder Silva in our traveling to and from Corrientes. I am back in the right frame of mind and with more excitement. I just need to do what God wants me to do, forget myself and remember what Abinadi said. "No improta a dónde vaya, con tal de que sea salva" (Mosiah 13:9) That is how we teach in power.

I love this work and I love being a missionary. I am way excited for Tanner and Jamie this week! I got the tie and all of your letters! Thank you all so much! I love you!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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