Monday, December 29, 2014

Humildes comienzos‏

Feliz Año Nuevo

Well it was a great week here in Paraguay. It was awesome to be able to talk to all of you and see you. Sorry for my accent. haha After talking to you we went to the beach and I took some pretty sweet fotos that are in dropbox.

The coolest thing that happened this week is that we opened up a new little group in Campo Verde and Azotea.  It was the first time in a long time that a lot of those people were able to go to church and take the sacrament and it was very humbling to see how grateful and happy these people were to be able to take the sacrament again and have a church meeting. The spirit was very strong and we are very excited for the future. It was cool to be a part of the start of something like that. And I hope that it can begin to grow and help even more people receive the blessings of the gospel like these people were able to experience yesterday. We are going to be working like crazy there searching for members and working with some we have already found. It is quite a job trying to create a new group. We had to bring a bunch of chairs and help Hermano Gimenez organize his house and then go around to help people find his house. It was way fun. we will see what the future holds.

We also had a cool experience this week when we helped some missionaries who were having some problems getting along. While one of them called us the other threw water on him, which was kind of funny, but also ridiculous. haha So we went over there and talked to them for a long time and nothing was really working and then I asked them to think of something good about the other. They sat there for like  minutes and couldn´t think of anything. Then they came up with some lame ideas. So I read a part in Moses where God cries because He taught His children to love one another and they hate their own flesh and fight, etc. We told them that the real problem is that they don´t love each other. So we invited them to give it a try. They called last night and they are both a lot more excited and getting along a lot better and having more success. But it made me realize that really any time that we don´t like someone or we fight is really just a lack of love. It makes it a lot more important when you think about it that way.

Well i talked to you like  days ago so that´s about all I got for now, but I love you all so mucha and I am so grateful for your support and prayers. I´m living the dream.

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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