Monday, December 22, 2014

Presidente Papa Noel‏

Feliz Navidad!

It is crazy how fast Christmas came this year. Seems like just yesterday I was in Oberá making empanadas and talking to everyone in the church. Crazy. I am way excited because we are going to chill with the members on Navidad and go caroling a little bit. haha. We are also planning on taking some gifts to the members and some of the kids as well. And I will get to talk with you all! So that is gonna be sweet. But you might want to find someone who can translate Spanish cause my English is horrible. haha My comp asks me how to say things sometimes and I don´t know how to say it. My accent is gonna be bad. haha But it will be good anyways.

This week was full of awesome stuff. The best part of the week has been Mariola and Scott. Like three weeks ago we challenged Hermana Benitez who has 5 kids in our area who are all inactive to fast the first Sunday of the month. She did it and on Sunday she invited us to eat at her house and so we were going to go, but her son Scott talked to her about it and said that he would cook us un asado. So we were pretty pumped and we went over and started taking while he cooked. After lunch his wife who is not a member started talking to us and I was going to share a scripture that I had in mind but I felt to ask her if she had any questions for us. She started crying and told us how a few days ago she broke down just feeling like a horrible mother and person, etc. and she just didn´t understand the meaning of life. When she said all this I was pumped. Cause we have the answers!! So we taught her about the plan of salvation and she loved it and they have now come to church twice. We talked with her I think on Wednesday and talked about baptism and she said that for 7 years she has talked to missionaries and every time they mention baptism she gets very defensive but this time she accepted! And she even added that she knew that all of her family would ridicule her for it but that she would do it anyways. Later she talked about how she wants to share with her parents because they have the same questions. Yesterday we visited her and Scott and they had friends over and we talked with them a bit and I asked Mariola to talk about how she has felt in these last few weeks and she gave a powerful testimony about how the pain she has had was replaced with a joy and peace and a surety that God exists. It was incredible! She is way excited for baptism and her and Scott are going to help the church here like crazy!

This week we also had some pretty sweet parties. We grilled with the members in Itá Paso and it was delicious. There were about 50 people! It was way good and 2 of Hermana benitez´s kids came with their whole families! And they were helping with everything and talking with everyone and it was awesome! Like 4 investigators were there. Then on Friday we had our Christmas conference with all the missionaries in Encarnación. It was way good! We played a bunch of games and ate a super delicious dinner and then we watched a video where the Grinch stole Christmas presents from missionaries that the office missionaries made and it was hilarious. But the best part was that when the movie ended President LaPierre came in from the back dressed up as Santa Clause and his wife as Mrs. Claus and the assistants were dressed like elves. haha It was way awesome! And president gave us all a stocking with a journal in it and some candy. It was hilarious. There are pictures of it in dropbox.

Also, one of the best things that happened to Itá Paso in a long time is that Elder Fernando Goncalvez arrived on Wednesday! He is a stud. He is helping us out a lot and already has given us like 10 references. He is excited to work and help the church grow here. I worked with him on Sunday and it was awesome. We are excited to keep working with him and helping the people here.

Well I will see you on Christmas! I am way excited to talk to you all and see you! I Love you!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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