Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Màs de lo que soy‏


I am so excited for Parker! We are all going on missions way different and way far apart! He is going to have amazing experiences and I know that it will be perfect for him! He is going to be an incredible missionary and is going to learn so much! I am very proud of him.
Note: Elder Hawk's younger brother just got his call to the Uganda Kampala Mission in Africa, he will be leaving in September, and his older brother served in the Suva Fiji Mission.

 During this week I prayed a lot and put extra focus into studying the scriptures and I was able to keep on going and help another Elder in our zone. I really realized the importance of a good companion and realized how blessed I have been with all of my companions who have had a desire to work and to be obedient and to learn. I also realized how dependent I am on the Lord. I kept remembering that prayer I said in my head asking for God to make me more than I am and he answered "I already am." I really recognize how I am only an instrument and I am only an instrument because God has made me one. I can`t take credit for anything really. I am just happy that he lets me take part and learn.

This week we visited an inactive sister who is very sick. She had to be out of her house for almost a year and recently returned right when we showed up. She told us her story of how she was abused by her husband and all of the health problems she has had and I just felt so horrible for her. As I searched for something to say, I could think of nothing, but I felt impressed to sing "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" As I sang a peaceful spirit came and she thanked me with tears in her eyes and told me that she know that we were servants of God. As she told me that I felt the Spirit confirm it. I have no professional training in how to help these people, but the Spirit works and brings peace when I follow the impressions He sends.

Also, this week we visited Lorena twice (the sick aunt of Sister Bejarano). The last time we went she was in really bad shape. Julio took us in his car and didn`t want to go up with us cause he knew how hard it was from when his brother was also sick. She was unconscious and it had a very hard time breathing and she was pretty swollen. We talked a bit with the family and I sang "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" The Spirit filled this little hospital room with peace. We gave her a blessing and told her that it was ok to let go and that she could have peace and that she as well as her family could feel the peace that the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation brings. We blessed her on Thursday night and she passed away at 3:45 the next morning. She is no longer in pain and she as well as her family can rest. While in that room I felt the so certainty of eternal families. I saw her laying there and thought "Could it be? Is there really life after death?" And I felt peace and knew that there is life after death. We will all be resurrected. We can have an eternal family.

It was a very emotional week, but a week full of support gained from prayer and scripture study. I am grateful for all I learned this week and grateful that the Lord is stretching me and helping me to learn and grow. I`m tired. But I wouldn`t rather be doing anything else. I love being a missionary so much. As hard as it can be there is no work more important and more rewarding than to serve the Lord. I love Him and I love being a part of His work.

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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