Saturday, May 16, 2015


Well I debated not writing today cause we just barely talked but I think I`ll jot down a few highlights.

The coolest moment of the week was the Sunday gospel principles class. There almost wasn`t room cause the class has been growing with people coming back and such. But Enrique announced that he will be divorced on June 5! Then 30 days later he can get married and baptized! We are way excited for him! He has fasted like 3 times and a sister brought him the book "Jesus the Christ" from the temple which he is was excited to read. He is going to be an incredible member. Also, David Neira and his son Matias were there and Matias is getting baptized on Saturday! I have been very impressed with the way that his parents are teaching him and helping him. He understands everything and has a strong desire to do what is right. And David shared with us that before we came he had lots of pain in his arm and he was always nervous and tired and such because he works in the hospital and sees so much death and problems. But when he started going to church the pain went away and he feels a peace in his life. He attributed it to sanctifying the sabbath day. He said that before he never had a rest spiritually but that now he feels so much better and everything is improving with his family. The son of a less active member also came. He is kind of rebellious but we talked with him on Friday about where his life was going and the importance of God especially as he makes decisions that are going to affect his life forever and he really took it to heart and is making efforts to change. And lots of other people who I have been able to meet were there. I just really felt the great blessings that the Lord has given me in my time here and I am happy for the people I have been able to meet who have changed their lives and mine. It was a sweet moment.

Also, this Sunday we are going to get to watch the Cordoba Temple dedication. I am way excited!

It was amazing to talk to all of you yesterday! Happy Mother`s day to all of the mothers out there! Especially mom and Grandma and the newest mother, Danielle. Thank you all for your examples and influence! I love you!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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