Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nuevas personas‏


Well it was a good week and we met a lot of awesome people. There is an unlimited supply of part-member families here in Miguel Lanus so we are finding them and seeing which ones progress.

We went to visit a less active member with Sister Gonzalez and we talked or a moment and then her husband Roberto came up and was way surprised to see us. He asked how we found him cause the house is way back in this tiny trails of super humble houses. Turns out that he lived in El Dorado and the missionaries there were teaching him a bit over a year ago. Back when I was in El Dorado! He was in a different part but the missionaries who were teaching him were from my district! It was cool cause he was just looking for something in that moment when we showed up. He has health problems and started smoking a lot more. He was looking for an escape and we showed up. It also made me think about how maybe there are a lot of people out there who I have taught who maybe didn`t accept everything the first time, but felt the Spirit and the Lord will guide them to the missionaries in one way or another when they need it. I`ll never know the impact I had in some peoples lives.

We also found the mom of a missionary, Monica. She moved here from Santa Fe and we were looking for him cause we saw his name in the ward directory. And we showed up on the one day that she had free that week. We talked to her a bit and during the lesson I just felt very strongly that we showed up there in response to the fervent prayers of her son. She is looking for something to renew her faith and she is starting to read the Book of Mormon and has lots of questions for us. Her daughter who was baptized about a year ago but is a bit inactive is also listening and she was happy that we found them and were teaching her mom.

The other cool experience this week was when we were visiting a family and the mom of the wife was there and the husband said that she didn`t like the missionaries, but we invited her to come and talk with us anyways. She sat down and we had a great lesson and she invited us to their house. On Saturday we went, and they are very humble, but we taught the whole family about the Book of Mormon. The dad was skeptical about another book that wasn`t the Bible but we read some parts and I told the story about Samuel the Lamanite to the kids and they loved it. They are great people and willing to learn.

It really is overloading right now here cause there are just so many people that we could visit. We are going to see who are the ones who progress. But we are working well with the ward. We taught the 5th week class and did a practice with everyone about how to talk to a friend at church and how to treat people right when they come to church and to help them get to classes and stuff. They all participated and it turned out really well!

We are excited with how everything is going and ready for another great week. Thanks for all your love and prayers! I love you!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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