Friday, June 12, 2015

Y cuando leáis estas cosas...‏


Well it was a very good week. We are starting to see who is progressing and who isn`t ready yet.

We had an awesome lesson with Rafael Leal who is the father of a recent convert. He is evangelical and we taught him and his family about the Book of Mormon. We got there and the first thing he said is that he already has his doctrine and church and he feels like he would be betraying his faith if he accepted what we were teaching. We explained that it isn`t a different doctrine, but rather the same doctrine with more light to help him guide his family. We taught him about the restoration of the priesthood and told him that he could have a portion of that power to bless his family and his home. He was very interested and accepted what we were telling him and used the Bible a lot. He accepted what we were saying and then we were about to teach the last part about asking God if the Book of Mormon is true and he started teaching the last point to us! He talked about how he was in a super difficult situation and he prayed for help and God showed him in a dream where he needed to go to get work and he found the place the next day and worked there for 3 years! Then he said that he needed to set apart time to read the Book of Mormon and that he knew that God would show him that it was true. We were way pumped. I am confident that he will receive an answer because it is promised us in the Book of Mormon. We are excited to go back and see how it went.

We also visited an inactive family and started asking them questions to get them thinking. They all said basically that they wanted to be more prepared before going to church. We read Alma 34:32 and explained that we aren`t on the earth to prepare ourselves to be ready to go to church but rather to prepare ourselves to meet God. Going to church is part of the preparation. Then we read verse 33 and vs. 36 and talked about the atonement. The Spirit was strong and then we explained that Christ is the Great Physician and that the church is His hospital. If we fell and broke a leg we wouldn`t wait to go to the hospital until we are prepared we go now. That part really hit the father. We invited them to come to church so that the Great Physician can heal their wounds and make them whole. We said that God loves them even though they aren`t making the best decisions and that he wants to help them and he is waiting for them in His hospital. It was very direct, but the Spirit was strong so we were able to be more direct. The father prayed for strength to be able to return at the end of the prayer.

Also, Monica came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed it. The members welcomed her very well and she was basically received like a hero for having a son in the mission. It was way cool to see. I just keep thinking about that missionary who is working so hard and praying so fervently for his mother. I`m grateful to be able to help the Lord answer those prayers.

Things are progressing. Luckily I have learned to be a bit more patient here in the mission, so I`m not all stressed out like I would be before. haha We are having lots of success and I am confident that we will have more in the coming weeks. The Lord is preparing amazing miracles here in Miguel Lanus.

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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