Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Papà en Miguel Lanus‏


Well it was pretty difficult to say goodbye to everyone in Tacuari. I really grew to love that place and love the people who were there especially. I miss it a little, but I am way excited to be here in Miguel Lanus. The Bishop is way awesome and there is a whole lot of work to do here. The past missionaries didn`t do a whole lot so there will be lots of success here that has been waiting for us.

Elder Cancino is my son and he is from Santiago, Chile. He is 19 and his dad is not a member of the church. He is way excited to learn and be a missionary and I am doing my best to teach him what I know, but I am finding that I don`t really know how to explain a lot of things cause I just kind of do them. haha But it is great to be a trainer and see the excitement and know that the impact I have on Elder Cancino will impact the mission for two more years even after I am gone. He is going to be a great missionary.

When we got to the apartment it was pretty disgusting. If this computer stops being slow I might be able to send the pictures I took. After 3 hours it is looking a lot better now and the Spirit is actually present. haha The Bishop showed us a lot of the area on Saturday and we had some great lessons. We taught a part-member family whose son will be baptized the first week of June and some other less active families who are progressing a lot. The area is HUGE. Maybe my biggest area. The people are a lot more receptive here now that I am farther away from centro. The ward has lots of potential and I am excited to be here.

It felt like a really short week with everything that happened and we didn`t have a whole lot of time to work, but we are happy and healthy and ready to have a great week. Elder Viñas of the 70 is coming on Monday so that should be awesome too.

I love you all!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

Farewell to Friends in Tacuari

New Companion---Elder Cancino
and President and Sister LaPierre

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