Monday, December 30, 2013


It was way good to talk to everyone on skype on Christmas and I am glad you all look healthy and happy and are doing good things in your lives! I am blessed to be a member of our family!

This week on Christmas eve we had a meeting in Posadas with 3 other zones and each zone did a musical number and Presidente LaPierre gave a talk and so did the assistants and sister LaPierre. It was way good! One of the zones were singing a song super serious and normal and then one of the Elders pulled out a harmonica and they changed it up a bit and it was way sweet! Also, one of the Elders played guitar and a member played the violin and it was so awesome! It was way awesome to experience! And good to talk to a lot of my friends from the MTC and other areas.

This week there was a lot of people at church which was way awesome and we had a meeting with all the adults in the last hour and the branch president talked about the goals for the branch and what he wanted to accomplish this year and one of them is better home teaching. I shared an experience about how we visited a man from a different church who left his church a year ago and told us, close to crying, that not one person from his church had visited him, but that God sent us to help him. It was way cool and I thought about how there are people in our church who go inactive and nobody even notices and how sad that is. So I just bore my testimony on the importance of home teaching, because I actually hadn´t thought about it like that before.

We had four investigators at church Sunday but Ramona was not one of them. We visited her and she actually has some really serious heart issues that prevented her from coming. We gave her a blessing and it was very powerful to be a part of that. She has so much faith! It has been really cool to bless people who are sick on the mission. I have had lots of opportunities and it really is amazing and entirely based on the faith of the person.

Well, i am way excited for this next 6 weeks (or more) in Oberá! The work is not only here but in the whole mission. We actually are creating 4 new zones this transfer and are going to open a lot of areas cause we have so many missions. A lot of young missionaries are being called to do hard things but we are learning so much and the blessings are real! Les quiero!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

PS I sent pictures this week! The one with the hill in the background is the hill I have nick-named "cerro del diablo" hahaha  (hill of the devil)

This picture was on Hermana Crump's blog: They were all in the MTC together

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