Monday, January 20, 2014

Exitó Verdadero‏


Well it has been a pretty interesting week this week, but I am learning a lot about myself and how I need to improve. We are being blessed every day, but we had some trials this week as well.

About two weeks ago I traveled to Posadas and then Corrientes to get my visa stuff finished but when we got there, there was not enough time to finish. So this Wednesday we left for Posadas at about 7 in the evening and slept in the apartment of the Elders in Posadas. At 3 in the morning we woke up and started the drive to Corrientes. After a bit less than 4 hours we arrived and went into the place to do our papers. We waited forever and the power was going on and off. They finished with Elder Litchfield's papers and then there was this huge bang and I saw a flash of orange light and I looked over and the fuse box was smoking a little bit and the side of the wall was all black. It was pretty intense! haha So they couldn´t finish my papers. So we traveled back to Posadas and spent the night with the assistants and again at about 3 we woke up and left. I tried to sleep in the truck but it was pretty difficult. At this point I was only half conscious because I was so tired, but finally we finished and headed back to Posadas. Then we luckily caught the last bus to Oberá and arrived at like 12:30 at night. So after over two days of travel we finally made it back. But we had not had much contact with our investigators so I was a bit worried.

But Saturday was an awesome day and we had really good lessons and I was pumped for church cause I was sure that we were going to have a lot of people there. I had prayed hard for a good day and we got it and I was really excited... And then no one came to church. I was pretty sad and a bit frustrated. So we went out and visited our investigators. We had found an awesome lady this week and had a super powerful lesson. I know she felt the Spirit so strong and was way excited to come to church. She said she couldn´t talk to us any more cause her mom didn´t want her to. We worked hard to try and get her to change her mind but she wouldn´t. It was pretty sad to see someone who had received a witness of the truth and just didn´t have faith to follow it. I hope that one day she is able to build the faith to change. But I know she knows it is all true.

Our last lesson of the day we taught a family about the Plan of Salvation and I talked about Jace and how I am on a mission to help others to have an eternal family. It was super powerful and I felt the Spirit way strong. After I talked with Elder Muñoz of my frustrations and then this morning I was praying and I realized that my frustrations our due to my pride and that I want the outward success. But the truth is that the true success is when we are teaching people by the Spirit and doing all we can to help them truly change their lives. And I am doing that. So I just need to change my perception of what success is and not worry about my own feelings of what makes me successful. It isn´t about the numbers or the baptisms. It is about doing all you can to help others come to Christ. I just need to humble myself and remember that.

I am really starting to see my weaknesses better and am grateful the Lord is putting me in the situations that I need to learn and to be humbled. But I know that through Him weak things will be made strong. Not only for me, but for the people I have the opportunity to teach. And at the end of the day, every success is the Lord´s and we are just humble tools in his hands.

¡Los quiero mucho!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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