Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Encontrando Milagros‏


First of all, every beginning or very end of the month I will write you on Tuesdays, because we have the leadership council, so please calm yourselves. Haha.

This was one of the greatest weeks of my mission for sure! We had a crazy amount of miracles in finding people who are prepared for the gospel and not just interested.

On Tuesday, we were walking down a street that we always walk down, but we felt impressed to clap a house and José came out and started talking to us and then we started teaching him and towards the end he was telling us how he wanted to come closer to God and improve his marriage because they lack God in their relationship and that that same day super early in the morning he had a dream that two strangers showed up to his house with white shirts and he thought that something really bad or really good was about to happen. Then, we showed up and he said he didn´t see where we had come from so he wasn´t sure if we had walked there or came down from the heavens.

A few hours later we stopped and talked to a guy sitting next to a volleyball net and he invited us to sit down and his house was super dirty and the pigs were walking by us and he almost couldn´t understand us and I was thinking of leaving, but then the cousin of his wife (Maria) came over and told us that she was baptized about 9 years ago, but moved away and didn´t have a church by her house. 8 days ago they moved in with their relatives and the relatives told us that missionaries had passed by their house hundreds of times but had never stopped and talked to them. Maria was very emotional and a few days later we passed by again and gave her husband a blessing and after we shared about the families and the importance of coming to church and at the end we invited him to give the prayer and he didn´t want to do it but we encouraged him and he offered a beautiful prayer and his wife cried because she had always wanted him to share spiritual things with her, but this was the first time he had actually done it. They both came to church on Sunday and absolutely loved it.

We also found Zuni and Joel when we felt prompted to visit and inactive family who we had stopped visiting cause they didn´t really receive us very well, but we went and a bunch of the family was there and we talked with these two and they invited us to stop by their house and their house is super nice! But they are very humble and Zuni came to church on Sunday and cried during sacrament meeting and one of the sisters was with her the whole time and talking to her and everything. She is excited to bring the whole family the next week.

These are not even all of the miracles we had this week. I can´t fit them all. But we also had one of the most powerful testimony meetings of my life. I was praying that people would be inspired to share so that the investigators would have a good experience and like 3 adults shared their amazing conversion stories and then a girl who is about 10 got up and bore one of the most powerful and pure testimonies I have ever heard. She talked about how much she loved her family because of the love she felt, but then expressed the deep pain she had to think of families who don´t have this love one to another. I cried while she was talking and understood better how our Father in Heaven feels about our world. He is incredibly happy because of those who are doing what is right, but has a pain that we cannot comprehend for those of His children that are not on the right path. My job as a missionary is to share this love and this pain and do all that is in my power to help these people come to the truth and experience the joy and blessings of the gospel and eternal families. And how great shall be my joy with them in the kingdom of my Father.

This is the Lord´s work. We are only instruments in His hands. But as we do all we can, he will work miracles through us. I love this work, I love these people, and I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father. And because of this love, I will work.

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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