Monday, June 23, 2014

Los sentimientos inolvidables‏

Hola familia!

It was a very good week! We are working hard and we have the Spirit and I just need to always remind myself that that is what is most important.

Gustavo Pedroso was our miracle this week. We found him about 3 weeks ago as a reference of a member and he is way intelligent. About 2 years ago he was in a super bad situation and the missionaries showed up and he says that they raised him from the ground to the floor (it makes a little more sense in Spanish). He has a strong belief in Christ and told us that when he drives to church he just talks with God, but was afraid to ask if the church was true because he said that if the answer is yes then he will have to make a lot of difficult changes in his life. Then I said, "so you are expecting Him to say yes" and he said it was 90% positive that the answer will be yes. haha The truth is he already knows because he told me that one of the missionaries before had this strong Spirit that you could feel when he entered the room and he said that I had it as well. It made me feel good when he said that because that is what I want to have with me always. It made me realize that the people will not always remember what you said, but they never forget how they felt. He came to the first part of church on Sunday and loved it. We have a family home evening this night with him and he wants to bring his family to church on Sunday.

We also met a woman at the beginning of the week named Merta. We found her when we went to a partial family and the mom was pulling the seeds out of bean pods and we sat and helped. Merta told us that missionaries had visited her before and she just felt like she wasn´t alone and that God was thinking of her. When the missionaries left she said she cried and cried and told us she felt more alone since then. We bore our testimonies and told her that she could receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost and have a friend and companion in every moment. It was a powerful experience and made me realize yet again that the way we make people feel will never be forgotten.

Perhaps in this time here I haven´t had a lot of the outward success as a missionary. But I know that I have had the Spirit and I know that many peoples lives have been touched as we brought the Spirit into their homes and their lives. As full time missionaries and as member missionaries we need to understand that true missionary work is not done in words, but in an example of love. If we radiate the love of Christ and His Spirit then others will want what we have. And the best part is that they can have it as well. Let us work and be an example so that all can see what we have, desire to have it, and then obtain it with our help. That is true missionary work.

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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