Wednesday, June 18, 2014



First of all, please excuse my errors in spelling and if I miss letters. this keyboard was definitely one fo the very first created here in Paraguay. haha

This week the river flooded a bunch of house, including a member. We went and visited her when the water went down and it had gone up passed her door. It was pretty sad to see how almost everyting she had was destroyed in a moment. But despite this she was still at church this Sunday which is awesome because she has been less active. We will be visiting her this week to help her out a bit.

We also just received the new transfers and I will be staying here with Elder Acevedo, and my trainer Elder Peña who went home for back problems is coming back and he will be in my zone! It is going to be a little weird but I am way excited to see him!

We are having a lot of success here, but it is a slow progress. we aren´t finding people who are going to get batized super fasst, but they are people who will be great members of the church--complete families. So i am not worrying too much about the immediate results. I realized that if i am teaching b the spirit and loving teh people and helig other missionaries to imrove then I am fulfiling my purpose as a missionary. So despite our lack of immediate success, I am calm and cinfident that the blessings of the Lord are coming and have seen many blessings taht we have already received. For example: our little investiagating family showd up to church like 15 minutes early and got there before we did! They are already more commited tahn a lot of the members! It was way cool to see such great faith.

I am also so grateful for families. There are so many people here with broken an dysfuncional families and I am just so grateful taht i have always had an amzing family to help me and that I have always felt safe and protected. I really have been more blessed than I deserve, but i know that I must use these blessings and talents that I have to hel oters create families that are strong in the gospel so that generations can be blessed. I love you all so much!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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