Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lluvia, lluvia, y mas lluvia‏


Well it was a pretty wet week. It rained pretty much every single day. When it rains, no one works or leaves their houses, especially for church. If it rained here every day for a few weeks more, everyone would starve because they would just stay in their house waiting for the rain to pass. haha But even with the rain it was a way good week.

On Monday we had the leadership council and we talked a lot about leading like Christ does. There is a phrase in Spanish that means when you chastise someone that is "drop the cane" and we watched the Bible video when Christ calls Peter Satan, thus dropping the cane on him hard. haha While we as leaders should probably avoid calling the other missionaries Satan, the video showed how Christ always was concerned about the progress of the apostles more than he was concerned about Himself and I realized that I really need to start taking better care of the missionaries in my zone and helping them to reach their potential. Presidente LaPierre is a great example of this because he always focuses more on us than anything else. He and Hermana LaPierre think of us as their children and you can really feel their love.

Then on Tuesday at midnight we went to Asunción to do visa papers and we got to see the outside of the temple. It was way cool to see all of the busy city and then to go on the temple grounds where everything is peaceful and there is a different Spirit.

We have been focusing a lot on working more with the members and we have been asking for references like crazy. Through the references we found a huge family that has 12 kids, but some have moved away. They went to church a lot like 5 years ago but then the missionaries left and they lost contact with the church. They are way excited to learn more and love having us in their house. One of the members also brought one of his work companions and his wife to church and they loved it. You could just see a huge joy in the member when his friends were talking about how they liked it. We have a family home evening with them tonight and are way excited. We also did divisions with our ward mission leader and he is way awesome and is super concerned about all of the less actives and after we had a quick meeting with him and he is reading Preach my Gospel and bore his testimony to us about how important the work is. It was way cool to see a member so excited about the work and at times as a missionary you feel like it is just you and your companion fighting against Satan alone, but now we have members at our side fighting with us.

Life is good! At the conference the missionaries who are dying soon all talked and I was just thinking about how fast the mission is passing by and how I need to make every day worth it. In the MTC someone told us that we had an eternity to look forward to our mission and an eternity to look back on our mission but we only have two years to live it. I´m living it. I love you all so much!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

 We went to Asuncion to do paperwork for our visas and we got to see the temple,
 though we couldn´t go inside.

Views of the City

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