Monday, February 2, 2015



They all told me that it would happen eventually, but I doubted them. Maybe it was that with time I began to feel too comfortable, too relaxed. Perhaps it was just the perfect storm of events coming together at the same time. Whatever the case may be, after one year and 5 months in the mission it finally happened... I crapped my pants. And I had crapped them good.

Just in case anyone wanted to know... haha

Anyways, now to the real stuff. haha This week we had interviews with president LaPierre. His lung collapsed a few weeks ago and he has been in the hospital but the whole time he was still answering our emails and working. That man is amazing. At the beginning of my interview he started like he always does and said "Elder Hawk, what´s on your mind?" and I told him "Well president, I just wanted to tell you that you don´t need to fake a lung collapse the next time you feel like you need a break from all of the pressures of being a mission president." We laughed and he thought it was pretty funny. But then he told me how it had happened and all the crap he had to go through, but then talked about how he was able to talk with the surgeon and several nurses and other people about the gospel. He said he gave the surgeon a Book of Mormon and was going to do the follow up the next week when he had his check up appointment. He told me that he knew it wasn´t "just a collapsed lung" but that he was meant to come into contact with those people. I was pretty amazed.

We also built a house this week for a single mother who is getting thrown out of her apartment.  We showed up and a less active members was with a bunch of people from the neighborhood and they started to build the foundation so we asked to help. We went twice in the morning this week and it was a great experience. Maybe the coolest part was to see a group of like 5 men who were smoking and drinking cheap wine, but at the same time giving service to someone in need without even expecting to receive anything in return. It really made me think about how even though sometimes we see the outward appearances of people, they still have many good qualities and are willing to help each other. The house is actually turning out pretty nice for the materials we had to work with. I am pretty sure that dad and Dusty could have built a much better house in half the tie if they had the tools, but we had a rusty old saw a couple of rusted makeshift hammers, and a homemade ladder. So we did a pretty good job considering the situation. haha

Also, we had divisions this week and I went to the center of the city. It was way cool cause it was a way different way to work. Instead of clapping house we stood at the bottom of a huge apartment and hit the buttons so they would let us in through the intercom. No one let us in cause rich people aren´t very nice sometimes. haha But we actually found a lady who moved right in front of the stake center a week ago at the very end of the day! She had always had like a maid who would talk for a minute with the missionaries and take the pamphlets. She would read them, but never talked in person with the missionaries. I think she could really progress.

Just another week in the service of the Lord. Putting my life and my pants on the line. I love you all so much!

Con amor, Elder Hawk

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